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Sports Complex produces high quality Sports Equipments from the best materials using state-of-the-art computerized technology, for professional and amateur players worldwide.  

Mission product line includes MARTIAL ART UNIFORMS & ACCESSORIES, BOXING GLOVES/EQUIPMENTS, MMA Gloves & Uniforms, Moreover Soccer, SPORTS & LEISURE WEARS.  Every product is produced according to international standard and specified demand.

We are the only Manufacturers with ready stock available in Europe for Clubs and whole sellers, retailers and individuals.

We also provide OEM facility to customize the products with your logos and designs. We also offer wholesale drop-ship world wide and retail drop-ship in Western Europe.

Your feedback on our products or operations will be appreciated, which will help us to better know how you value our products as end user or as distributor.  Exceeding your today's expectations is our challenge!

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